Work+Party 2018/19

Activesol Ultra 178W Multi-Busbar Cells  

I wanted to finish in 2 weeks the necessary work until Sagarena comes back in to the water. Especially problems with Turkish customs have taken up a lot of time. (Solarcells) Also the removal of the old glued solar cells was very time-consuming.
The new year brought nice surprises, New Year's Eve started a south storm up to 55kn. After 6 hours of storm the shaft of the wind generator is broken and it fell directly on the solar cell.

But there was also time to meet up with friends, have a good meal and party in the evenings. What great Parties we enjoyed at the Lighthouse Bar.

I was already able to order the new antifouling and I have created a Timetable for End of April.
I will fly again on the 20 of April to my Boat. I hope to finish the upcoming work then.

The list of works is long …

  • SPW Stuffing Box: Tallow band sealing , Shaft seal , Rubber Tube
  • Replace shaft bearings for the shaft Ø 35 mm
  • Change of Propeller Pitch 20"x13" to 20"x11"
  • Replace injection pump (new setting max. 3400 RPM/75PS)
  • Replace two flexible solar cells on the deckhouse
    and rewire (2x6m2) (178W Activesol Ultra MONO)
  • Pull in new cables to the Equipment Rack (4x6m2, 2xRJ45, 1xRG213)
  • Reconnect Windgenerator Superwind. (2x6m2)
  • Install new Victron Solar Cell 160W on the equipment rack and rewire (2x6m2)
  • Install and wire the Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/30.
  • Bow WC new cutout for access sea valves
  • Bow WC hoses with air vent
  • Sea valve cleaning and greasing
  • Open anchor locker
  • 100m chain new labelling
  • new 12x zinc anodes


Timetable SAGARENA Antifouling
Timetable SAGARENA Antifouling

Picture Gallery:

Prix Offshore CCS RG Basel
Der Wanderpreis vom CCS RG Basel wird jährlich ausgestellt. Diese haben wird letztes Jahr für die Donau Überführung überreicht bekommen.
Nun wurde dies einem neuen Gewinner übergeben.

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