Work + New Year Party 2020

Happy new Year 2020

After arriving in Dalaman the Customs made a mess again with all the Material.  (Vacuum Cleaner, Airbuddy … )
They were keeping me until the Airport was completely empty, the Rent Car Guy was still waiting outside. At 22:00 I was driving to Marmaris to meet Hasan und Ahmed ... the first Bier at Lighthouse.

Finally I arrived again to my second Home. Sagarena was waiting.

The Task List was quite long, so I was trying to change the fly to the 5.1.2020. But Turkish Airways was very complicated and expensive.

Working during the day and in the evening eating with Hasan in Marmaris.

In Global Sailing the Mooring Weight had to be moved. Hasan Kaptan was diving and at the End he was putting a big Bag around the Propeller from Sagarena, no more Barnacles until Mid of May.
We wanted to try my new Diving Solution. Explore the underwater with AirBuddy, a new innovative Dive Gear that does not require any air Tanks, yet enables diving up to 12m deep for 45 min. But in was not necessary anymore, there was still enough Air in the Tanks.

For the New Year's Eve Party the Global Crew was going to Datca. wonderful eating at the Restaurant Balikci Hüsnü ... after passing the new Year in the great Bar Roll House ... I was sleeping in a Hotel the Rest on Hasan’s Yacht. Too bad … flying back on 1th ☹

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