Marina di Ragusa

Middle of December I was able to fly to Catania by Easyjet. To enter Italy a Corona Test and the Self-Declaration Form was required.
The Rental Car for a Month brought me to Marina di Ragusa.
In the beginning everything was open, the Restaurants and Shops, for the Christmas Days Italy Zone became red.
The comfort of living is awesome, one of the warmest places in Europe.
It is great jogging along the Beach and to the Nature Reserve.

A lot of work was waiting for me to correct the Storm damages.
- Optimized Emergency Bilge System
- Removal of broken Batteries and disposal (6 x 2.3V, 450A)
- Water in Diesel (200 l pumping out, filtering, disposal)
- Diesel heating (remove, clean, install, check, send)
- Boiler (remove, clean, install, check, send)
- Starter and Alternator repair replacement

There is a large Sailing Community in the Marina. There are weekly VHF Session sometimes even with Bingo.
What a Surprise ... so brilliant I was invited by Catherine and Peter on the 24.12. for a Swiss Fondue.

Fantastic also Mags organized for the 25.12. an exclusive Canadian Dinner with Arni and Jane on the Amel 50.
On new Year's Eve we all toasted the new Year on the Jetty.

Bronwyn and Grant wanted to invite the Single Yachties Luke and myself to dinner ... it was absolutely great.

Easyjet has simply stopped all flights, so I stated to work by Homeoffice for about 2 Weeks. Then I had to find out that Homeoffice abroad is prohibited. So after 6 Weeks I had to fly home with Alitalia via Rom to Zurich.

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