Antifouling Removal

Easy Antifouling Removal

In some countries there are already Antifouling Restrictions. Also the new Hazardous-good Regulation makes it more difficult to ship the Antifouling.
Shipping of 10l Antifouling to Rhodes cost more than the product.
I evaluated for a long time and finally I found an antifouling without biocide and copper. Normally, removing the antifouling is a huge effort. Sand down means a huge effort and also a lot of dust. Watch the video below, how does it work with Interstrip.

How to applied Interstrip?
Apply with an broad brush (75-150 mm) using a stippling action to get a good thickness. Work systematically around the hull covering approximately 1-2 m at a time, attach a plastic to the surface.
Leave on the surface for at least 20-45 minutes. Remove the plastic.
While the Antifouling is still soft, remove it with a Scraper.

I will realize the following color construction:

  • Interstrip AF (Antifouling Remover)
  • Interprotect (Epoxy Polyamide Primer)
  • Intersleek 731 (Elastomeric Tie Coat)
  • Intersleek 1100SR (Advanced Fluoropolymer Foul Release Coating)
Video how to remove Antifouling 

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